All information about sessions, speakers and posts are deposited here with the date.
In addition, the entire program of the Congress as a PDF (5 MB) (status as of August 2015) is now ready.

The abstracts of the papers as well as the poster presentations are now available in our Volume of Abstracts (PDF 2.4 MB).

The DOG thanks all speakers and chairs for their ­contribution to organize a successful congress.

The Making of the Scientific Program DOG 2015

In fall, the President invites ophthalmological clinics, research institutes and individuals to submit proposals for scientific sessions. These proposals are then examined and assessed in blind review by the members of the Program Committee. Aided by the Program Committee and the DOG Office, the President then compiles a draft program from the reviewed proposals. After the proposals have been accepted or rejected, the basic program is published as a preliminary program, which also serves as call for abstracts. Each of the submitted free papers is then reviewed by at least three members of a Scientific Panel. Based on these reviews, the papers will be included in the program in free paper oral presentations or poster sessions.

Program Committee
K. U. Bartz-Schmidt (Tübingen)
C. Erb (Berlin)
Ph. Gass (Munich)
H. Helbig (Regensburg)
F. G. Holz (Bonn)
T. Kohnen (Frankfurt/Main)
T. Reinhard (Freiburg)
J. Roider (Kiel)
U. Schiefer (Aalen/Tübingen)
B. Seitz (Homburg/Saar)

Scientific Panel
G. Auffarth (Heidelberg)
K. U. Bartz-Schmidt (Tübingen)
N. Bechrakis (Innsbruck, A)
N. Bornfeld (Essen)
C. Cursiefen (Cologne)
C. Deuter (Tübingen)
B. Dick (Bochum)
M. Diestelhorst (Cologne)
K.-H. Emmerich (Darmstadt)
C. Erb (Berlin)
J. Esser (Essen)
C. Framme (Hannover)
G. Geerling (Düsseldorf)
M. Gräf (Gießen)
F. Grehn (Würzburg)
R. Grewe (Münster)
R. Guthoff (Rostock)
L.-O. Hattenbach (Ludwigshafen)
H. Helbig (Regensburg)
C. Hintschich (München)
F. G. Holz (Bonn)
A. Joussen (Berlin)
A. Kampik (München)
U. Kellner (Siegburg)
B. Kirchhof (Cologne)
V. Klauß (München)
T. Kohnen (Frankfurt/Main)
B. Lachenmayr (München)
W. Lagrèze (Freiburg)
M. Leitritz (Tübingen)
K. Löffler (Bonn)
B. Lorenz (Gießen)
F. Mackensen (Heidelberg)
D. Meller (Essen)
D. Pauleikhoff (Münster)
N. Pfeiffer (Mainz)
D.-T. Pham (Berlin)
L. Pillunat (Dresden)
S. Pitz (Mainz)
U. Pleyer (Berlin)
T. Reinhard (Freiburg)
G. Richard (Hamburg)
M. Rohrbach (Tübingen)
K. Rohrschneider (Heidelberg)
J. Roider (Kiel)
G. Rudolph (München)
K. Rüther (Berlin)
U. Schiefer (Aalen/Tübingen)
B. Seitz (Homburg/Saar)
W. Sekundo (Marburg)
H. Steffen (Würzburg)
K.-P. Steuhl (Essen)
H. Thieme (Magdeburg)
H. Wilhelm (Tübingen)
F. Ziemssen (Tübingen)
M. Zierhut (Tübingen)

The Preliminary Program of the congress is ready as a PDF to the download (5 MB) (status as of August 2015).