Welcome from the Industrial Council

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

After an excursion to “Leipzig, the Saxon metropolis,” the DOG Congress and its time-tested concept of living and meeting under one roof again offer participants a convention with conveniently short pathways at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin. The motto of the DOG in 2015 is based on basic research and cross-disciplinary cooperation. With this phrase, the organizers aptly describe the challenge that currently confronts ophthalmology. It is expected that ophthalmology will enjoy greater attention from national and European supportive institutions through the establishment of ophthalmo-logical university chairs without therapeutic obligations. The industry’s goal is to collaborate with physicians, researchers and medical personnel to create knowledge that can help to develop safer and more innovative possibilities for treatment. For this purpose, the DOG Congress offers its participants a forum for information and discussion with regard to the latest ophthalmological themes.

As in previous years, we again encourage you to take advantage of the diversified accompanying industrial exhibition for interesting and constructive discussions and for sharing knowledge with the manufacturers of medications and medical products. We look forward to welcoming you to our stands.

Gerhard Stenger
Spokesman of the Industrial Council

Welcome from the President

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The DOG Congress, back in the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, will highlight the impulses that ophthalmology can offer for the future as a specialty based on basic research and cross-disciplinary cooperation.

This meeting of German ophthalmologists has traditionally enjoyed a special status in the landscape of congresses and conventions. With a skillfully conceived program, special meetings, symposiums and a spacious exhibition area directly adjacent to the main lecture halls, the congress creates an excellent platform where our partners in the industry can learn about current developments in the area of therapeutic and diagnostic methodology. Only through collaboration with our partners can an understanding of “medical need” on the one hand and insights into the “technologically feasible” on the other hand be combined to find solutions for future innovations.

On behalf of the DOG and all our participants, I would like to thank all of our industrial partners for their active commitment. I look forward to seeing you again in Berlin, to exciting discussions and to the enrichment that comes from sharing our expertise with one another.

Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt
President of the DOG