New Program Format – Focus on Research

With the new format Focus on Research, the DOG wants to create a platform for young ophthalmologists from clinic and research for the discussion of specific and clearly defined research topics and questions in basic research.

DOG-Update – State of the Art 2015

With DOG-Update – State of the Art, in 2013 the DOG established a new training program for ophthalmologists in clinics and private practice. This program offers attendees a compact and effective means of up-dating on the latest scientific and research developments.

Awareness for Critical Events – Lecture

Manfred Müller is airline captain and General Manager Flight Safety Research of the Deutsche Lufthansa, one of the biggest airlines worldwide with over 1.000.000 employees and a turnover of about 30 billion Euro. Like in other airlines, the issues of air safety are of utmost importance to the Lufthansa.

Users and Manufacturers in Dialog

In this session manufacturers present the advantages and unique characteristics of ophthalmological equipment. Furthermore, ophthalmologist users report on their experience in clinical operation.

Poster of the Day – Exclusive exhibition

After each poster session, the moderators will choose one poster as “Poster of the Day” for each session. All selected posters will be relocated to a dedicated exhibition “Posters of the Day” by the congress staff. Unlike the other posters, all “Posters of the Day” will be presented during the entire congress.

DOG-Skill Building – Courses for Young Scientists

The curriculum DOG-Skill Building consists of three modules of 90 minutes each. It imparts knowledge and skills for scientific working, (self-) management, interaction and teamwork skills. Module 1 “Presentation”, Module 2 “Communication”, Module 3 “Team Building”

Medicine & Management – Course of Careers

In the course of their careers, many ophthalmologists will assume managerial responsibilities as team leaders, senior physicians or chief physicians – tasks for which they normally are not prepared by their studies of medicine.

Posters in Unrivaled Sessions

The poster sessions will take place from Thursday to Saturday immediately after the lunch break and without competition from other simultaneous events. In order to devote appropriate attention to the posters, all posters will be presented and discussed in small groups, each of which will be facilitated by two moderators.

Interactive Ophthalmic Surgery Videos

In interactive videos, experienced surgeons show interesting and complex procedures in orbita surgery. The procedures will be presented and explained by the experts. The auditorium can actively take part in the discussion of the presented cases. Moreover, there is the possibility to pose questions and discuss with the experts. Homepage

Social Evening

This year’s Social Evening will be organized in the Kosmos, the largest, most modern and most popular cinema of the former GDR. Entertainment will be provided by “Theatersportliche IMPRO-Show” of the Harlekin Theater, Tübingen.