Keynote Lecture: Application of gene therapy for retinal diseases

Retinal gene and stem cell therapies are now being used to treat retinal diseases in a number of clinical trials worldwide. On his keynote lecture on Friday, Professor Robert MacLaren will demonstrate that these therapies have the potential to reverse blindness in cases of complete loss of photoreceptors.

What does corneal dystrophy reveal about atherosclerosis and Parkinson´s disease?

Causes for Schnyder corneal dystrophy include mutations in the gene UBIAD1, which regulates metabolism of cholesterol and accelerates synthesis of vitamin K. How this knowledge can contribute to a better understanding of bladder cancer, Parkinson´s disease and atherosclerosis will be presented by Professor Jayne S. Weiss in the Oskar Fehr Lecture on Friday.

Ophthalmology – Basic Research and Cross-disciplinary Cooperation

Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the DOG 2015 taking place from Oct. 1 to 4, 2015 at the Estrel Hotel & Convention Center in Berlin.
Our scientific program and session structure will reflect this year’s congress theme “ophthalmology – basic research and cross-disciplinary cooperation”.

von Szily Lecture: The diagnosis dilemma of ocular tuberculosis

To date, reliable diagnosis of ocular tuberculosis has represented a big challenge. In his lecture, Prof. Amod Gupta, the world’s leading expert in this field, will highlight how multi-targeted Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) can contribute. The Indian ophthalmologist is being honored by the section DOG-Uveitis with the von-Szily Medal in recognition of his achievements.

Latest news from the industry: Industry-Symposia

As of now all breakfast-, lunch- and evening symposia during the DOG-Congress are listed in the Industry-Symposia brochure, including the information on speakers, date/times and rooms. During the symposia, workshops and other networking events, companies will deal with up-to-date ophthalmologic topics. Further information can be found in the program section “Corporate Sessions”.

“The objectives of this conference are knowledge exchange and active communication.” – Interview with the Congress President

The motto of the DOG 2015 is “Ophthalmology – interdisciplinary and based in fundamental research”.
Congress President Professor Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt explains why he has chosen this motto, what is new and what the participants can look forward to. Interview with the Congress President Professor Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt.

Plasticity of Brain: New Strategies to Improve Vision

Can our brains learn to see again after vision loss? And is it also possible that the healthy brain draws on resources that allow us to improve our vision significantly beyond 20/20? These fascinating and up-to-the-minute questions are the focus of the symposium “Adaptation, Perceptual Learning, and Plasticity of Brain Functions”, held on Saturday, October 3, 2015, starting at 8:00 am.

Diabetic Neuropathy Assessment through Corneal Confocal Microscopy – Keynote Lecture

Confocal microscopy of the cornea is the first method that allows for an in-vivo visualization and quantification of terminal trigeminal nerve fibers. Under physiological conditions, the system captures nerve structures with a total length of 20 mm/mm2 in the sub-basal plexus. In his keynote lecture to be presented on Thursday, October 1, 2015, Rudolf Guthoff will demonstrate that diabetic patients present with a significant reduction in nerve fiber density even at the point of first diagnosis.

Attractive Travel Awards, Prizes, Funding

The DOG awards several prizes and funding for outstanding research achievements, which are to be presented at the congress in a special ceremony. Furthermore, this year the DOG will also present 25 Travel Awards to young scientists from Central and Eastern Europe.

Estrel and Congress: Hotel and Conference Centre under One Roof

The Estrel combines hotel and congress center and offers room for more than 1.000 guests in its adjoining hotel. With meeting, accommodation and exhibition under one roof, the DOG 2015 offers its participants proximity and comfort.